The Ultimate Guide to Desktop Publishing

The Ultimate Guide to Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing using Free Open Source Software.

Creating and Publishing magazines, ezines, books, ebooks, manuals, posters, flyers, calendar, menu, certificates, or business cards, etc. could Never Be Easier.

Doing Your Own Desktop Publishing and Printing could never be easier than it is today and all the Software and Ideas are Free to use, You just need some Knowledge, Time, Inspiration and the Right Tools.

In an era where time and money are scarce commodities maybe its time You Investigated bringing Your Desktop Publishing and Publicity Requirements back In-House.

All the Software Used is Cross Platform (Windows, Linux, Apple Mac) and is Free and Legal.

With this Suite of Free Software and some Knowledge and Understanding of Desktop Publishing You have all the Tools You Need to in no time Generate all Your In-House Documentation, Advertising and Publicity Material Yourself.

Desktop Publishing can be Fantastic, Professional and Cheap for Most SME Businesses with just a few Tools and some Knowledge and Inspiration.

You will Quickly have Your Masterpiece Ready for In-House Printing or Emailing to Your Friendly Printer.

These Tools will also Future Proof Your Business as all the Tools can be Used across Media, whether it be Print, TV, or Online (The Internet) and on Mobile Devices like Cell Phones and Ipad.

One of the Amazing Features is Making Smart PDF Forms, that Customers can Complete and Email back to you for Orders, Information, Enquires at the Click of a Button (I will cover this in a separate article).

Far to many SME Businesses do not take advantage of the Amazing Range of Free Tools out there to Create far better Flyers, Posters, Brochures and Menus etc. With these Free Tools you can make Professional Looking Material In-House and as Often as you Wish!

BTW these Tools are Great for Creating Graphics for T-shirts, Caps etc. Example at

We have used this Suite of Tools to Create Books and Publicity Material for our Own Business at Creative Kiwis.

The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Book and CD by Bill Rosoman Dip CS

Together the Book and CD give You all the Tools and Knowledge you need to Get Creating.

For Access to the Information and Tools You Need, See;


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  1. craiglock says:

    You guys are doing amazing work in this field. Keep it up and thanks for sharing

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