Our Monthly Desktop Publishing Ezine

Kia Ora and Greetings from Creativekiwis.com
Creative Kiwis Ezine October 2010
We have a Great Range of Products for Purchase.
From Books to CDs, Online Courses to T-Shirts, Photos and Much More
This is one of Our Ezines we will put out from time to time.
You are most welcome to contact us at
The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Book and CD
Desktop Publishing using Free Open Source Software.
Creating and Publishing magazines, ezines, books, ebooks, manuals, posters, flyers, calendar, menu,  certificates, or business cards, etc. could Never Be Easier.
Doing Your Own Desktop Publishing and Printing could never be easier than it is today and all the Software and Ideas are Free to use, You just need some Knowledge, Time, Inspiration and the Right Tools.
In an era where time and money are scarce commodities maybe its time
You Investigated bringing Your Desktop Publishing and Publicity Requirements back In-House.
All the Software Used is Cross Platform (Windows, Linux, Apple Mac) and is Free and Legal.
With this Suite of Free Software and some Knowledge and Understanding of Desktop Publishing You have all  the Tools You Need to in no time Generate all Your In-House Documentation, Advertising and Publicity Material Yourself.
Desktop Publishing can be Fantastic, Professional and Cheap for Most SME Businesses with just a few Tools and some Knowledge and Inspiration.
You will Quickly have Your Masterpiece Ready for In-House Printing or Emailing to Your Friendly Printer.
The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Book and CD by Bill Rosoman Dip CS
Together the Book and CD give You all the Tools and Knowledge you need to Get Creating.
For Access to the Information and Tools You Need, See;
Angolan Dawn
A Novel by prolific Author Craig Lock.
A true tale of an Angolan migrant miner who goes to ‘e’Goli’, the big city of gold in South Africa.
Also a realistic portrayal of the Angolan conflict in “darkest Africa” through the eyes of a hospital orderly.
A moving and realistic novel about the evil and destructiveness of war, as well as the inherent goodness within every human spirit.
Keywords: History, Angola, Southern Africa, Legacy, Gisborne, New Zealand, South Africa, Travel, Africa, War, Politics, Humanity, Conflict, Novel
By Craig Lock
Available at
We are starting to have some success with our online empire, but time will tell as they say!
Kia Kaha
Bill Rosoman Dip CS

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One Response to Our Monthly Desktop Publishing Ezine

  1. craiglock says:

    interesting work you’re doing in the field of publishing
    all the best

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