Using an Android (or Apple) Device as a Security Camera or Baby Minder.

Using an Android (or Apple) Device as a Security Camera or Baby Minder.
To get a cheap security system or baby minder setup and operating is easy with a couple of Smartphones and/or Tablets. But they can also run on a Laptop or PC.

You need a Smartphone of mid-range quality (so you get a reasonable camera) access to wifi or 3G cellphone network and two apps installed.

There are many apps in the app stores but athome app works great on most smartphones. is the home of athome.
They have versions for Windows, Mac, Ipad/Iphone, Android and Android TV.

So you need a smartphone to setup as a camera, and then install the athome Video Streamer, setup wifi connection or a 3G cellphone connection. Scan the QRcode below.

Now on your other device install the athome camera home security app, setup for wifi or 3G cellphone and we are ready to rock and roll. Scan the QRcode below.

Follow the instructions within the app, or consult help at

You need to put the streamer online, ie start the app and have wifi connected. You should see that the streamer is online. Now from the other device with the athome camera security app running, you can setup the motion detection and recording etc.

If setup right you will be notified on your device of a motion detection of the camera. The camera will record the incident and for 30 seconds after. From your smartphone you can see and hear what is happening, you can talk to the intruder, you can turn on the flash, you can record or take a picture.

My setup is two Huawei y520 phones ($nz120 each) data packs for phones (I live rural and do not have access to broadband or wifi), on the streamer I pay $nz10 per month for 300mb of data. I can also view on my tablet or laptop.

BTW you do not usually need to do much more than what has been described, however if I use the wifi at my local library they have this service blocked, as they do certain other services like my internet phone number. Also you can setup several devices as Video Streamers to cover a whole house.

Bill Rosoman
Nov 2015

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